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The Damnation of Fist – a Tragedy

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If you’ve enjoyed the site and would like to make a donation, you can do so when clicking the ‘add to cart’ button2. (There is a recommended price but you may decrease (or increase!) this by as much as you like.) Naturally all contribution are gratefully received,3 and will help maintain the site.   


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HOWEVER as diligently as I’ve tried to ensure that this free download works, I’m almost certain that it doesn’t (although please feel free to tell me that I’m wrong). I’ve therefore also taken the decision to place the novel on Amazon as a Kindle book.

The cost is fairly minimal but I hereby undertake to donate all  proceeds received therefrom to charity4 (the specific charity to be announced here in due course). 

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  3. being a starving artist is MUCH less romantic than the notion of it some, who are presumably happily well fed, would have you believe
  4. as starved an artist as I may be, I’d prefer all monies received to have been for the maintenance of the website, and any following works