Why write?


…”Since it can recall, my mind has been utterly beguiled by the miraculous and utterly mystifying fact of its own very existence. Why is there a ‘me’? What is this me? I cannot answer such questions, but I do know that I truly am when I think. Vivere est cogitare.

Furthermore, thinking persuades the mind that, one day, should it have thought long and hard enough, it might actually hit upon the answer to the puzzle. So, like a fiendishly difficult mathematical problem I write down the myriad elements and hope that the solution will leap out at me.

Do I address you then, dear reader, or myself? Well, I cannot explain myself to you if I don’t understand me, and ‘know thyself’ was the chief command of Classical wisdom.

Language most shows a man,’ said Ben Jonson, ‘Speak that I may see thee’. For my own part, I must therefore suppose, I write that I may see myself.”…

(from ‘The Damnation of Fist – a Tragedy‘)