My Aim for this site


Aged forty-seven, I recently abandoned a thirty year career in the City of London to shake off my own societal conditioning, intending to discover what this marvel of existence might offer one willing to engage whole-heartedly with it.

An amateur but lifelong lover of literature, I had written ‘The Damnation of Fist’  on my long daily rail commute over a period of more than five years, and am so thoroughly convinced of its achievement and appeal that I mean to devote as much of my new-found liberation as is necessary to its publication.

My experiences of prospectively attempting to secure literary representation have convinced me that I was swapping one soulless money business for another. But given the very raison d’etre of my novel, this has only made me more determined to find some means of its circulation.

As one human being who feels his species is so astonishing that it is a crime against itself not to think a lot harder about how we might do better justice to ourselves, I am even more committed to stimulating such debate as lies in my power, and am determined to circulate the novel however I may.

I hope to find others who feel the same way and who might be stirred to find their own way to become involved.

Should I be in anyway successful, in time I hope to add some community function to the site. In the meantime I gladly invite any such comments as browsers of the site, and readers of the novel, might feel inclined to share.

Andy Meehan